The initiative fallacy

The initiative fallacy revolves around the idea that initiative is a trait we are born with. That is nonsense. Initiative is developed, one small act at a time. For those interested, here is an action plan to develop initiative. Today, pick one small thing you wouldn’t normally have done – asking for something at a […]

Leadership and consistency – The 200 words project

Essayists like Ralph Waldo Emerson who shaped the 19th century view on leadership defined it around heroic consistency of message – no matter what the evidence. So, political campaigns are now lost the moment a candidate switches views on a topic. While political candidates are often guilty of changing views based on when it suits them, […]

Brexit reflections

The excellent Quartz daily brief newsletter opened with a few reflections on the Brexit this morning. There are good reasons to leave a marriage—constant conflict, deep differences, a deranged partner. There are also less good ones—conversation’s a bit dull, the sex isn’t great, or you have the same thing for breakfast every morning. British voters just […]

Don’t scar on the first cut

Jason Fried has a great post on the excellent Signal v Noise blog about policies as organizational scar tissue. The second something goes wrong, the natural tendency is to create a policy. “Someone’s wearing shorts!? We need a dress code!” No, you don’t. You just need to tell John not to wear shorts again. Policies are organizational scar […]

Teaching by being

Most teachers associate teaching with the act of teaching. However, if the point of teaching is to maximize learning, very little learning happens that way. Learning happens when teachers simply be someone worth learning from. Sure, you might walk out of a “class” learning a nugget or two that might help your career. But, great teachers become […]

Attitude toward discomfort

Many lives and attitudes are designed to avoid discomfort. Avoidance isn’t all that hard if you develop an attitude that seeks to avoid problems and treat discomfort as a bad thing. However, that approach goes against the principle of mindfulness. To solve problems, we must spend time with them. Discomfort, typically, is one of the best indicators of […]