Search for talent

Companies all over are locked in a search for talent. And, every one of them will tell you how hard it is to find talented people – especially within the constraints of their internal diversity targets. There’s one reason this “search for talent” is hard – companies only search for talent when they need to fill a […]

Principles of Focus

Focus is the continuous, iterative process of keeping the main thing the main thing. The verb and noun forms of “Focus” mean different things. For simplicity, I’m going to call the the noun form “intensity.” So, intensity is the ability to be 100% engaged in what you are doing at any given time. Focus and […]

In it together

We all have our unique personalities, paths and problems. So, it is easy and natural to feel lonely and mired in our own problems. But, the truth is far from it – we’re all in it together in very meaningful ways. A good friend forwarded Seth Godin’s post this morning and said it reminded her […]

Living without expectations

A good friend and I met after a few years. And, of course, we were in the midst of an engaging conversation just as he was heading to the airport. We spoke about changes we’d experienced in the past few years. And, one such change I spoke about was around expectations. I tried explaining how I’d been […]

Bell Labs, de Forest and SONAR

Bell Labs, the “idea factory,” was a result of anti trust law. Between 1930-84, all phone calls went through AT&T. They convinced the government a monopoly was necessary. So, the government made a deal with AT&T to make its patents/ideas public in return. Thus, Bell Labs’ inventions were open to everyone. In 1910, inventor Lee […]

When good intentions become a problem

Good intentions are great. They matter a ton. But, good judgment matters more. Every once a while, we meet individuals who combine good judgment with good intentions. Such people are rare. If you’ve found somebody like that, stick around. Good judgment comes from soaking in lessons from others’ experience, experimenting and reflecting on one’s own experiences […]

Car scratch

I came back to my car the other day to a collection of scratches in the front corner. Damn. How did that happen? When did that happen? Why hadn’t I noticed it? Why didn’t the person who did it let me know? I kept working through questions until I came to – What can I do […]