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Products and services I’m thankful for

Products and services I’m thankful for this year. Blog 1. InMotion hosting. Amazing hosting provider. Period.  2. Readability for WordPress – part of the Yoast SEO plugin. Readability reminds me to use more active voice, connect my sentences better and keep them shorter. Thank you for being my English coach. 3. BulletProof Security plugin for WordPress. For keeping this blog […]

Deconstructing a mistake

I made a scheduling mistake the other day and completely missed a call. After doing so, I went through the following process – 1. Apologize. The first step, as soon as I realized I made a mistake, was to apologize profusely. It sucked doing that and I felt horrible. I hate going late for meetings, let alone […]

The point of safety stock

For every post that shows up here, there’s at least 3 that are thrown away. Many of the ones that don’t make it are discarded in the mind. Some make it all the way to my “safety stock.” This is a page on my OneNote where I document post ideas. Most of those will never make […]

The B2C2B era and its implications for us

Tom Tunguz had a great post introducing B2C2B (business-to-consumer-to-business) companies. The image below explains the idea – The best way to understand this is to see what happened with the iPhone. In the 80s and 90s, all B2B productivity applications needed to be approved by 1 central corporate gatekeeper – the head of IT. IBM’s initial […]

Digital workflow

First, I must say it is lovely to hear from you every time a post resonates with you. Whether it is via the comments or via the email, thank you so much for taking the time to write in. Your notes are much appreciated! And, since a couple of you wrote in with thoughts on digital workflow in […]

The laptop purchase checklist

We recently bought a laptop and I ran through the following check list before buying it. I hope it helps you with your next purchase. This assumes that you’ll be looking for a Windows machine – I know that isn’t all that safe an assumption to make. I happen to be a Windows and Office […]