About Me


My name is Rohan. My personal mission statement captures nearly everything important to know about me.

My personal mission statement is the same as my “why” or my “purpose”
Build active relationships with framily (close friends and family), learn, and strive to have a positive impact on my world and, in time, “the world.”

These also form my 3 core valuesPeople, Learning, Impact.
(These align with my intrinsic motives – learning and impact are high and my values remind me to make sure I remember that people are all we have.)

3 principles that govern my life and that I need to commit and re-commit to:
1. Integrity: Integrity is making and keep commitments. I commit to walking what I talk and talking what I walk.
2. Love/Growth: Love is the will to extend oneself for one’s own or another’s spiritual/mental growth. So, I commit to doing small things with extraordinary love and to continuous growth.
3. Consciousness/Engagement: To focus on consciousness is to commit to the process of life, to experimentation and to the idea that “this might not work.. And that’s okay.” The important questions I need to ask are not about perfection or performance. Instead, they are – “Am I engaged? Am I being conscious about my decisions?”

I live and measure these in my 4 roles (in order of priority):
1. Leader of self
2. A caring member of my framily
3. A learning focused teammate
4. A responsible community contributor, i.e., the world

I currently work at LinkedIn. Prior to this, I graduated with an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, worked as a consultant helping clients implement strategy across 14 countries at A-Connect – a boutique consulting firm, and earned an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.


My wife and I became parents in Nov 2016. And, our parenting philosophy is an attempt at living Khalil Gibran’s masterpiece – “On Children.”

For my 21st birthday, I received a card from close friends that said ‘Never older, only better.’ That encapsulates what this blog is about. Every day we get better.

I am best reached via email on rohan at rohanrajiv dot com. Twitter also works well. And, Linkedin – if we know each other. 🙂

Thanks for reading this far.

  • Nice to meet you Rohan. We share many of the personality traits and values you wrote about. Glad to find your blog.

    Hitesh Sahni

    • Thank you so much for writing and sharing, Hitesh! Very nice to e-meet you. 🙂

      • So I am the only one who found you on my own 🙂 Not from Seth’s blog!

        • Haha.. certainly looks like it!

  • Mary Ellen

    Hi, Rohan. Seth Godin just gave you a great rec on his blog and so here I am. Looking forward to e-knowing you better, always glad to meet folks who are committed to living life with a focus on the positive and the possible. Cheers.

    • Jonathan

      I’m here via Seth as well. Couldn’t have said it better myself Mary Ellen !

      • And I’m looking forward to getting to know you, Jonathan. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

    • Mary, thank you for taking the time to write this. 🙂

      I am really looking forward to e-knowing you better too!

  • Leena

    Hi Rohan, I got here through Seth Godin’s blog as well. Nice to know you.

    • And same here, Leena. Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again. 🙂

  • Josh

    Another one from Seth Godin. I guess people read him! 🙂

    • He is my favorite blogger!

  • katka

    Hello Rohan, I quickly went through your blog and I love what I read so far. Got here through Seth Godin’s recommendation. 🙂

    • Thanks Katka. Looking forward to seeing more of you here.

  • Gini Courter

    “Learning to accept that life happens while we are busy making plans” is a plan for lifelong learning. Thanks for the post, Rohan.

    • And nice to hear from you, Gini!

  • Mary C0rrigan

    Hi Rohan

    I’m new to your blog after my friend Jill Murphy shared the nod from Seth Godin yesterday. Kudos on that1 Love your concept and writing and will explore more over my next cup of tea. In the meantime, I’m curious about the “200 words” project. I’ve been stuck in my writing and this seems like a good jump start. Anything you can share about the concept?

    Thanks and l look forward to learning more from you.


  • Marius Scutea

    A pleasure to meet you Rohan, our common friend Seth Godin sent me here.
    Beautiful writting skills, very coherent and a pleasure to follow.
    Congratulations, I’ll check your blog regularly.

    • Thank you so much for doing so, Marius.

      Seth is too kind! And it looks like you are, too.. 🙂

  • Solo

    So glad I came across your blog, Rohan. I love the bits and pieces style! Grateful to Seth for the link.

    • Great to have you here, Solo!

  • Colin W

    Very good blog. I’m so glad Seth sent me here.

    • And I’m glad you’re here!

  • Diane

    Yes, Seth sent me here 3 months ago as well – and I’m still a follower. I want to let you know that I read nearly every one of your blog articles that I receive and ALWAYS feel that you’ve added immensely to my day. You’re setting a great example for the kinds of in-depth thinking and ‘journaling’ that we should all undertake – but so few do! Deep thanks for your contribution.

    • Ah. You are too kind, Diane.

      A big thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  • Theresa

    I’ve been reading your emails daily since Seth Godin mentioned you. I’m impressed with your writing and wowed by the fact that you’re so young. I love “I will do nothing else” so much that I copied it to save it. I wanted to attribute it to you in my notes, and I realized that I didn’t even remember your name. And then I realized why — your name is nowhere in the email I’ve signed up for and not on your home page either. I had to hunt for it on your about page. Why? Did you consciously decide not to associate your ideas with your name? You might have good reasons for this, but I wanted to let you know that your ideas are good ones and I think you deserve to have the credit for them.

    • Hi Theresa, thanks for popping by and commenting.

      You know – I thought about your note for a moment and realized I actually hadn’t given the name thing any thought! I guess I subconsciously focused it on the idea of “a learning a day”..

      What would you suggest I do differently?

      • Theresa

        Well, I’m a psychologist, not a blogger or a business-y type person, so you might want to look at what others do or suggest. For example Seth Godin, whose blog is entitled Seth’s Blog, has his name and his very, ahem, eye-catching bald head all over the site. From a reader’s perspective, I would want to see your name on my emails and on each page of your website so that I remember who is talking and so that I feel more connected to you. It’s jarring to have emails that (from my perspective) are at their best when they are rather intimate but have them sent from A Learning A Day. I remember you mentioning once how challenging it is to write something new each day. That’s such an undertaking! If I did that, and did such a beautiful job of it, I would want people to associate it with me.

        • Very helpful – thanks for sharing, Theresa. I’m going to definitely give it some thought. 🙂

  • Susan B.

    I wanted to start the year off by saying thank you for your
    blog! I read it each morning and always learn something. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that you bring to each post and also that you make so much content available by publishing a blog entry each day, including weekends.
    Thank you again. I look forward to more great information in 2015.

    • Hi Susan, thank you so much for the note. Much appreciated and glad these posts resonate. :))

      More to follow in 2015 indeed!

  • Jim

    Rohan, I also found your blog through Seth Godin, more specifically through his mention of you in his newest book. Just wanted to say i LOVE your blog and look forward to seeing it in my inbox every morning. Keep it up!

    • Hi Jim, really great to have you here! Hope to hear from you from time to time! :-))

  • Ishan

    This is truly a wonderful blog, thank you for sharing your learnings. Reading it while sipping on a cup of coffee is something I look forward to doing everyday.

    • You are too kind, Ishan. Thank you for taking the time to write in!

  • Max M

    Thank you for the work you do Rohan. It may not always be
    easy but you are having a meaningful impact on many lives. Best of luck on your
    process quest.

    • Very kind of you to take the time to write in, Max! Thank you so much – means a lot!

  • Jiaying

    Great blog! Thank you for sharing the valuable experience and leanings in application process and MBA life.

    • Thank you so much, Jiaying! Glad you’re finding it useful! 🙂

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  • Solo

    Hey, Rohan. Thank you so much for “just shipping”. I have been blogging for over two years, and appreciate having your blog for inspiration. I love that you show up every day!

    • Thank you too for writing in. 🙂

      What is your blog’s address?

      • Solo

        Hey, Rohan! I’m at http://www.solovieva.com – I write about the sport of obstacle racing, the psychology of training and health.

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  • Pooja Modwell

    Interesting, it is to read your blog Rohan. Ive just starting blogging and I thought to myself I’d publish learning in some way or another, Im glad I came by yours, im immensely inspired. Congratulations on being rewarded the Siebel scholarship! Best wishes from India.

    • Glad to hear, Pooja!

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  • I read your posts. All post full of information and enjoyment.

    • Thanks for the note, Chris! 🙂 long may that continue..