You have enemies?

Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill I found myself meandering through a long post about something I’d learned from the law of averages. And then..just undid what I wrote and wrote this. We can’t be liked by everyone, can we? After all..its all about the law […]

Everything you say..

must be correct! Hmm..thats a tricky statement. But well, what that really means is try and check what comes out of that mouth. 🙂 Well.. lets take me for an example.. for a long long time, I was a perfect example of fluff when it came to numbers! I would always get my numbers wrong […]


Yes, I have done the unforgivable! Missed yesterday.. Post Mortem – It was a day dedicated to that wonderful thing – sleep! A blissful 24+ hours at a stretch( for a 2 hour journey in between) was just fantastic. There were times when I was wondering if I should be up; there’s no lack of […]

Slow and Steady..

Well..the usual maxim. Its really good to go slow and easy as I am beginning to understand. I never really understood the meaning of ‘slow..steady..easy’ etc. I’ve been the opposite at all points in my life. Its like – if I’m told.. ‘hey..can you get me a coffee’ – I go bolt! Full speed ahead […]

Once in a while..

it is really good to do something which you completely suck at! Well, I had a fun 2 hours playing cricket – which is generally very different from my experiences while playing football/badminton/table tennis where I would rank myself about average and just above. Cricket is one place where I’m generally about 1/10 and felt […]

Start Positive..

is a generic rule for everything. I guess ‘be positive’ is ideal even.. The reference here is to feedback in particular. It is very easy to fall prey to laughing(mocking even..), pulling a leg(jokingly or even not so..) etc when hearing an idea, an initiative etc. Always good to start with ‘Good start!’ and then […]