Where does growth come from?

I received a YouTube video link via an email forwarded across multiple mailing lists praising its insight. It was Clay Christensen’s talk at Google titled “Where does growth come from?” I’ve read and seen many of Clay’s talks now and feel a certain familiarity with the material. However, I am a fan. In fact, I think […]

Data for trash

I’m hoping we are 10 years away from when you dump your trash into various trash cans for different purposes (recycling, compost, etc.) and wait to get your trash rating. Image Source The trash rating would come from scanners in these cans which can detect if you did the right thing. For example, they’d be able to […]

The Apple Pay moment

I took a quick look at tickets for Kung Fu Panda 3 a few days ago on my laptop. As soon as I found them, I did something that I’d never done – I pulled out my phone, opened the Fandango app, found the movie and paid via Apple Pay (i.e. by just placing my thumb on the home […]

Thinking Product: Economist Espresso magic

The Economist Espresso is a new digital product released by The Economist this year. The Espresso is a collection of 6 key pieces of news, a collection of smaller news bytes as part of “The world in brief” and a collection of market specific metrics. The jobs to be done framework developed by Clay Chistensen explains […]

PhraseExpress – Product Review 6

Attribute #1. Delivers on a singular value proposition in a world-class way (purpose): Grade – A+ PhraseExpress exists to make it easy for you to replace oft-used phrases with a couple of keystrokes. I use it to replace phrases that I use a lot – e.g. “please find attached,” “hope you are doing well,” “looking […]

Context for recommendations – The 200 words project

When YouTube first introduced the “Recommendations” feature, it performed well but wasn’t impressive. Soon, the YouTube team added a simple tweak – below their “recommended for you” list, they added context as to why they recommended the video. This completely changed the dynamic – where previously users saw recommendations that seemed to not make sense, […]

Dametra Cafe – Product Review 5

One of my objectives with reviewing products is to mix regular reviews for conventional technology products with those of non-tech product and service experiences. And, today, I’d like to share the story of my experience with Dametra Cafe. A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I visited a small middle eastern restaurant called Dametra Cafe in […]

The B2C2B era and its implications for us

Tom Tunguz had a great post introducing B2C2B (business-to-consumer-to-business) companies. The image below explains the idea – The best way to understand this is to see what happened with the iPhone. In the 80s and 90s, all B2B productivity applications needed to be approved by 1 central corporate gatekeeper – the head of IT. IBM’s initial […]