Rating people

Peeple, an app that allows you to rate other people (“Yelp for Humans”), received a lot of press attention yesterday. As the app hasn’t launched yet, it is unclear if the app will take off. If the attention it has received is anything to go by, it is sure to see some initial demand. It shouldn’t […]


Every societal disruption, by definition, changes the nature of the era. Thanks to social media and the internet, one of the defining characteristics of this age is the sheer amount of chatter. Every little thing we do produces a lot of noise. A piece of news that used to be local is now global. That’s because publishing space […]

My Facebook News Feed and me

A close friend and I were discussing distractions. The top distraction on her list was the Facebook feed. I thought I’d share my relationship with my Facebook News Feed. Starting 1 April 2013, I just stopped looking at it. There’s an increasing movement of people who debunk Facebook and say it adds no value. I am not one […]

The B2C2B era and its implications for us

Tom Tunguz had a great post introducing B2C2B (business-to-consumer-to-business) companies. The image below explains the idea – The best way to understand this is to see what happened with the iPhone. In the 80s and 90s, all B2B productivity applications needed to be approved by 1 central corporate gatekeeper – the head of IT. IBM’s initial […]

Fitbit and lifestyle

Since receiving a Fitbit as a wedding gift from a couple of close friends 2 years ago (thanks guys!), I’ve carried a Fitbit around most days. Thanks to traveling to my California, my new temporary location, without my fitbit charger, I went three weeks without wearing a Fitbit. As far as my lifestyle went, I’d been exercising as […]

Amazon pop up stores and retail

I saw this at a mall close by last weekend. I’d read about Amazon opening up pop up stores in a couple of locations but I hadn’t seen one myself. The question in the mind of anyone who is interested in Amazon is – is this a sign of Amazon’s commitment to physical retail? My […]

The Dropbox peace-of-mind – MBA Learnings

If I had to summarize my learning on pricing from my Microeconomics classes, it would be -> avoid price competition like the plague. And, to do that – differentiate, differentiate, differentiate. We discussed Dropbox’s move in August last year to lower prices to compete with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. The big question was whether this was going […]