Gym goer motivations and Doug Conant

Professors Kaitlin Woolley and Ayelet Fischback from the University of Chicago tested whether gym goers were more motivated by the workout process or workout results. The found that gym goers depended on extrinsic motivation (or the outcomes of a good work out) when they were planning to go the gym. However, during the workout, intrinsic […]

Waiting for blockbuster moments

It is human nature to wait for blockbuster moments. The next blockbuster moment is, as a rule, a few weeks or months away. Life will get significantly better, we tell ourselves, after that next thing. But, it never does – at least not in the way we imagine. The worries, problems and obstacles of today are […]

Day 1

There’s a story about how U2, the Irish Rock band, always described themselves as “arriving.” They believed that the moment they “arrived” as a band would be the moment they became irrelevant. I thought of the “arriving” analogy as I read Jeff Bezos’ letter to shareholders and his insistence that it is always Day 1 at […]

The real problem

The problem they mentioned is not the real problem. The problems people mention are those that sound acceptable. So, they sound logical and generally “make sense.” “The price is not right.” Or “I feel this might not be the right time.” But, if we were to peel the onion to understand the real concerns, they would […]

Reasons to always share credit

There are many reasons to be obsessive about always sharing credit with everyone who helped you. 1. You show you care. That’s the essence of leadership. 2. People appreciate it. So, they will want to work with you and care for you. It feels great and it shows up in performance reviews too. 3. You set […]

The life sine wave

Equanimity, as a concept, really fascinated me for the longest time. It wasn’t something I managed at any stage in the first 20 odd years of my life. I simply moved up and down with the flow of life. However, writing every day on this blog gave me a sense of balance and perspective that […]

3 responsibilities of an advice giver

Every once a while, people ask us for advice. This is a privilege. And, like all privilege, it comes with responsibilities. 1. Take a moment, and think about what you are going to say. This is not the time to improvise or ramble. If you don’t have something thoughtful to say, don’t say it. It is […]

Most lethal

I chanced upon a display of Pulitzer prize winning photography. The collection was generally a collection of images that brought light to human strife in various parts of the world. They told a tale of events that ended up being lethal for millions of humans. I expected disease, famine and starvation to be lethal. But, I was struck […]

How we let ourselves off the hook

We let ourselves off the hook by blaming people and organizations for not having prepared ourselves well enough. For example, here are two examples you’ve probably seen play out. Employees blame companies for not doing enough to enable growth into future roles. Students blame universities for not preparing them well for the needs for the market. […]