Sure thing

In 2005, after his second season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James gifted Nike co-founder Phil Knight a Rolex watch. The engraving said – “With thanks for taking a chance on me.” Knight reflected on that moment in his book and said – “It wasn’t much of a chance. He was pretty close to a […]

Today matters

Today matters. It may seem like a simple, unglamorous day. And, yes, it likely doesn’t seem to matter the way we normally think of days that matter. It isn’t a “big day” – there’s no award ceremony or big launch or massive promotion. But, today still presents an opportunity. An opportunity to build a better self, […]

Women’s March

Today is Women’s March day. It is hard not to think about it today. And, it is hard not to write about it today. Seth Godin had a powerful post yesterday on rights that I thought I’d share in full – Human rights might be our species’ greatest invention. More than phones or trains or Milky Way bars, […]