Good work

Do good work. Earn your stripes and gain career credit. Then, use this career credit to get access to better opportunities. Then, repeat the process. Career advice doesn’t have to be complicated. When in doubt, simply start with doing good work.


Standards denote a level of quality. Our behaviors and actions are typically evaluated by others on the basis of these levels. In the long run, they are a leading indicator of our reputation. So, that brings two questions. First, do we have standards for ourselves?  And, second, do we hold ourselves to them consistently? The enemy of […]

What has meaning

So, what has meaning and what doesn’t? Whenever I share a book/article/recommendation with people, I always ask them to share what they learnt with me. It rarely happens. But, it gives me great joy when it does. This morning, a friend shared a profound portion of David Foster Wallace’s awesome “This is Water” speech.  if you […]

Day Traders or Venture Capitalists

We have a unique opportunity in front of us today – to choose between being day traders or venture capitalists. However, the opportunity comes with a twist (doesn’t every opportunity?). Few realize that the opportunity exists and fewer know that the default option is day trading. Day trading requires us to engage with all the goings on in […]

Search for talent

Companies all over are locked in a search for talent. And, every one of them will tell you how hard it is to find talented people – especially within the constraints of their internal diversity targets. There’s one reason this “search for talent” is hard – companies only search for talent when they need to fill a […]

Principles of Focus

Focus is the continuous, iterative process of keeping the main thing the main thing. The verb and noun forms of “Focus” mean different things. For simplicity, I’m going to call the the noun form “intensity.” So, intensity is the ability to be 100% engaged in what you are doing at any given time. Focus and […]

In it together

We all have our unique personalities, paths and problems. So, it is easy and natural to feel lonely and mired in our own problems. But, the truth is far from it – we’re all in it together in very meaningful ways. A good friend forwarded Seth Godin’s post this morning and said it reminded her […]