You can never..

over communicate! Even if something is repeated a 100 times, there is seriously no danger. Moreover, you would only stand as a person who sticks by what you say. There have so many many times when relationships(all kinds..) break down thanks to arguments over phone. Its just like I observed today that a couple of […]

When work is not getting done(II)..

Another in the ‘when work is not getting done’ series(hehe), clean thy room! Well, I’m not sure what the correlation is. But, it is true that generally life is consistent in terms of performance i.e. when you do well at what matters most to you eg – work,studies,play – everything else falls into place(not always […]

Games, rules and the like..

After having adjusted the rules to Singapore time.. A little more about games and rules. It is indeed interesting how the best management practices are automatically practiced on the football field. For example, a big deal is made on the practice of differentiation, wherein, within a team, the members are paid according to the level […]

Sustainability again..

Big big learning (on a relatively lighter note.. :))- when trying to get sustainability right.. try and get the time zones right as well. Google works on US timezones and its always confusing as to whether I’ve posted a learning for the correct day.. maybe I can get to change it somewhere.. lets see! 🙂 […]

A lot of people give up..

on the brink of unprecedented success. I’ve found this saying intriguing because it almost covers everything that’s necessary. Apart from asking us to try till we succeed, this also calls for patience(a lot of it at that..) and basically makes sure(once we’ve taken it to heart) that we have a very hard time convincing ourselves […]

With Lots of Passion..

comes an intensity that results in us taking things personally! It suddenly feels like its a personal dispute etc. That feeling is all too common where I’m concerned and more often than not, leads to varying degrees of conflict. How do we avoid something like this? Something that I feel that may help is to […]