Active projects

Parenting (Nov 2016 – Present): This is sure to be the mother of all learning projects. 🙂

The 200 Words Project (Jan 2014 – Present): I post an idea (typically from a book I’ve read) within 200 words every Sunday on this blog. I need to get to creating an easy archive of these – for now, please search for “The 200 Words Project” on the search bar

Blogs – Reviews of all non-fiction books I read (I update this every 3-4 months) – Short form blog that I use for book notes

Old Projects

The MBA (Aug 2014 – Jun 2016): A collection posts about lessons learnt from graduate school.

The Help2Grow Initiative (Nov 2013 – Mar 2015): Help2Grow is a charitable trust registered in India that exists to support the underprivileged to sustainably work towards a better quality of life. I still support Help2Grow but it is a project that is a shadow of what it was. 

The Learnographics Project (Jun 2014 – Jul 2014): Learnographics are infographics for learning. We hope to make one every quarter in 2014. This one is on hiatus as my designer friend is on a long break. 🙂

The Real Leaders Project (Sep 2011 – Jun 2014): We published an interview every 2 weeks with global leaders and innovators from across fields like entrepreneurship, writing, venture capital, and the arts. This was a lot of fun.

The Mastermind Group (Aug 2013 – Jun 2014): No links here. This was a “mini-Davos” group started with friends. We did a Google Hangout every 2 weeks to discuss and implement ideas on various topics – e.g. finance and investing, relationships, better habits, etc. Didn’t work. (May 2013 – Dec 2013): A better way to pick up skills on the web. Didn’t work. (Jan 2008 – Jun 2010): An initiative to help students express themselves. Didn’t work but we persisted for ~1 year anyway. We then pivoted to create “Sparkz” – the National University of Singapore’s version of Britain’s Got Talent. That still continues. 🙂

The Bookbytes Project (Blog): Intended to be a community of folk who share book learnings or book “bytes” as they read them. Didn’t work.

  • Manoj Patil

    i stumbled upon your blog while browsing something else, and just got confirmation to the “Whatever happens is for good sake” ism. “The Mastermind Group” particularly amused me… was wondering if this is open to anyone like me? Do let me know and i am more than willing to join!

    • Thanks for asking, Manoj. This page hasn’t been updated in a long time. That one came to a close a year back or so. All updated now – thank you!

      • Manoj Patil

        Rohan, really appreciate your quick response. If you have any plans to start, keep me posted. I personally am doing some activities in that space and thought to connect with similar noble hearts to gain a collective vibe.

        • Thansk Manoj! Unlikely the status will change. but, if it does, will do. 🙂

          • Manoj Patil

            ok, nevertheless it was nice to converse with an enlightened soul like you 🙂

  • Arrchana Muruganantham

    How do you decide a project didn’t work? I thought the bookbytes project was going quite well, when it was active.

    • People stopped contributing. 🙂