Filler words

Sort of Uhhh Like Kind of Right Basically Honestly Uhm These are the filler words I’ve found myself using in order of frequency. I noticed last week in a conversation with a wiser acquaintance that he used no filler words. None. Zilch. And, this was a normal conversation. We spoke about a bunch of topics and I asked […]

Listening to and listening for

When people choose to listen, there are two types of listening that take place – “listening to” and “listening for.” “Listening for” is the most common form of listening and means listening is being done for a purpose. Common purposes are affirmation, adulation, communicating politeness and, sometimes, the desire to make a good impression. “Listening […]

The ladder of control – The 200 words project

Here’s this week’s 200 word idea thanks to David Marquet, Captain of the USS Santa Fe, followed a leadership principle – push authority to as low a level as possible. Under normal practice, officers would “request permission to” perform operations such as submerge the ship. The captain would approve and the officer would carry out […]