Voice of confidence

The voice of confidence is different from what many people imagine. Before you do something What people imagine: This is going to be AWESOME. I am going to be the best. The real voice of confidence: This might not work… and that’s okay. When things don’t work out What people imagine: This sucks. All my plans are not […]


3 things I’m thinking about as I complete my 26th year – 1. Self confidence and the unwillingness to compromise on what matters. The primary reason for starting this blog was to learn to get over my own insecurities and build self confidence. I’ve learnt a few things about confidence over these past few years and a […]

How self awareness and security drive behavior

Below is a 2 x 2 that describes how self awareness and security drive behavior. This isn’t a well researched graph. Instead, it is one that I’ve put together from observing myself and other people. Before we dive in, I’d like to quickly describe the axes – X Axis: Self awareness – Oblivious stands for an […]