Unintended consequences

Most decisions we make have unintended consequences. These unintended consequences are typically caused by the downstream effects of a decision, i.e., your decision results in something (that you likely hoped for), that, in turn, causes something you probably didn’t intend. There are 2 ways to avoid negative unintended consequences – 1. Experience. If you’ve experienced it […]

Tension everywhere

For managers – between structure and ambiguity. For CEO’s – between centralization and decentralization. For survey creators – between question rich surveys that will yield many an insight and shorter surveys that will actually be completed. For teachers and coaches – between the stretch zone and panic zone. For us – between life, work and everything else […]

The “Decisive” LearnoGraphic – A pictorial guide to making better decisions

Chip and Dan Heath published a fantastic book on decision making called “Decisive.” We loved it so much that we spent many hours discussing it and summarizing it. Creating a “LearnoGraphic” felt like a natural next step. Do check it out and do let us know what you think.   We hope you find it useful!