3 words come to mind as I think of entering my 28th year – engagement, perspective, and faith. Engagement. Engagement is my theme for the year. For the longest time, I was fascinated by a quote from a zen master that said – “The essence of zen is to be able to focus on one thing […]

Wish you perspective

This is the season where we wish people “happy holidays” and “happy new year.” Typically, in addition to these wishes, we also add a wish for good things. These good things could be health, happiness, love, prosperity, etc., etc. But, here’s the thing (and there’s always “the thing” :)), all these good things are useless […]

So much crazy

It is probably justified to look at the news and think – “So much crazy going on.” For example, here’s a quick sample from the last 2 days. The Filipino Prime Minister admitted to killing criminal suspects himself to show the police how it should be done. Donald Trump brought together the world’s top technology leaders. But, […]

Is everything alright

On the day before he passed away, Albert Einstein’s assistant, seeing him in pain, asked – “Is everything alright?” “Yes, everything is alright” – he said – “but I am not.” In 1916, Albert Einstein predicted that gravitational waves transport energy as gravitational energy. In February 2016, scientists in California confirmed this prediction a fully […]

It’s all in our head

In conversations with people who’ve recovered from an episode of depression or an addiction of some sort, I’ve noticed a persistent theme. They vividly remember the day they realized they emerged into normalcy and this vivid memory generally involved them looking up at the sky for the first time in days and noticing that the sun is shining and […]

Surviving Pune

I love swimming when I have the opportunity. But, every time I walk to the pool to swim and first touch the water, the resistance shows up and exaggerates the feeling of discomfort. Even though I’ve learnt that I’ll get comfortable within 10 seconds of actually swimming, I’m amazed as to how my mind does such a poor […]

Kings of Podcasting

This was back in 2006. At Odeo, a podcasting company, times were tough. Evan Williams and his team were working hard at making the concept work but were finding motivation hard to come by. One evening, at dinner, his close friend and co-worker Biz Stone asked Evan a question – “If we continued down this […]