Tribute to the Sparkz Team..

Top Row – From Left:

Magdeline: To an incredible execution person. She was our person for high-stress jobs like the logistic movement of all finale participants and the slotting of audition performers

Wei Han: The funny guy. Very smart and made it despite being sick.. source of humor in so many many meetings!

Chan Way: Humility and sweetness personified. If there was ever an errand we did not want to run, Chan Way would willingly volunteer..

Chandni: To a person who survived a tough test in these past months with a great attitude and strong character.

Shakthi: Very smart, caring and disciplined. We decided to call her ‘stress free’ Shakthi so as to remind her that it’s important to let go of worry once a while.. :)

Liang Zhu: To the ‘ice man’.. a cool dude who is unfazed under all pressure. Expecting big things in the day ahead from our man, Liang Zhu..

Look down(starting from the right) :)

Payodh: Another ‘ice man’. Our stage manager and most recent entrant to our team. Payodh was exceptional in the value he added in just 2 days alone that he made it to the honors role. Great guy!

Shweta: Survived the last few days ‘commando training’. So passionate about her ideas, open about her feelings and expression – Shweta was great to have on the way – a sibling of sorts. :)

Ramees a.k.a Superman: And what a superman he would have been. He was saving us with no x-ray vision! Incredible attention to detail, stunning organization skills – Ramees is a gem in every sense. Our next objective is that he begins to put this into use for some much needed monetary gain..

EB : Elayabharath Elango by day, EB by night. ;) Our publicity genius.. so calm and cool that he was trusted to handle the entire IT of the event entirely. And what a great job he’s done over the past few months. He’s been indispensable!

Valerie: Lucky are those who are Val’s friends. Immensely caring and dependable. It was almost a joke that whenever we needed an important job done and we didn’t know who was in-charge, we had to just say ‘Valerie’ and she’d nod and get it done. I miss having her around!

Bottom Row – Extreme Right

Nishanth: I have known Nishanth for 3 years and he never ceases to amaze me. Incredibly smart with anything that involves technology and algorithms. Wonderful with handling tough situations and most importantly, a person who fills the room with his geek humor and laughter..

Bottom Row – Extremely Left

Tejasvi: Chop chop queen. Was the brain behind all logistics. That dependable engine hardly ever stops for a rest. Very caring, sweet, very humorous with wise cracks and just extremely extremely dependable..


That would be me.. :)

0 thoughts on “Tribute to the Sparkz Team..”

  1. Rohan: the leader of the team, greatly respected by the teammates. Brings out the leader in everybody, committed to his (many) words, makes learning fun and very caring. Always manages to smile even when he’s annoyed (I secretly found this amusing)

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