Everybody is a venture capitalist. Yes, you too.

The term ‘VC‘ or ‘Venture Capitalist‘ is a person who invests millions/billions into small start-up businesses that require capital to scale up.

It sounds like a job for the rich and wealthy but my argument is that every one of us is a venture capitalist. Because to me, the core of what a venture does is promote an idea.

So, a VC’s situation works like this –

Approached by: Start ups/ Entrepreneurs that require capital
who require: Money

In our lives, we are –

Approached by: People with dreams and ideas
who require: Emotional support, lots of encouragement and often, push.

In 1998, the Google due of Brin and Page had asked the founders of Ask.com if they were interested in buying their idea for 800,000 dollars. And, a long story cut short, they said no. And what’s more, they were probably not the only ones.

It’s easy to laugh at them but the big question we should be asking ourselves is –

Are we doing well as VCs in our lives?
Are we identifying and promoting big ideas?
Are we encouraging talent junior that is on the look out for support?

We have a big responsibility because it is the talent and the ideas that we promote that WILL change the world in the years to come. So, go out and invest – we have more capital than we think.

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