Energy drainers

Our chief resource is not our time, but our energy.

I wonder if we give as much importance to staying in high spirits as we do to ‘staying busy’.

Today, I had an encounter with an ‘energy drainer‘. Now, energy drainers come in various forms – sometimes they are people, other times they are places but more often than not, they are a combination of people and the wrong place, leading to an environment that tends to constantly suck all positivity and energy.

(It’s not fair to say today. I felt it yesterday but didn’t act on it!)

In my case, I just decided to shift my environment and voila, everything changed. I had to make a few excuses of course, but it was well worth it. My day started looking up, I started feeling more energized and positive and already cannot wait for the day tomorrow!

Do you feel ‘drained‘ everyday? Run through the list of people you spend time with, and places you spend time in. And maybe you’ll find what you need to do differently.

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