Whose life did you touch today

Mark Suster wrote a lovely post titled ‘Whose life are you going to change?’ where he recounted the story of how a mentor of his changed his life. The post is here.

I was touched by the post myself and left a comment on his blog saying so and also telling him a bit about this blog. It turns out he checked out the blog, and left a comment about yesterday’s quote even. This is despite the fact that he had many many comments on every post.

And in doing so, he touched my life and made a difference. A little bit of kindness can go a long way. And make no mistake, that’s what he was doing when he checked out this little blog by a stupid 21 year old – being kind.

He has inspired me to keep the faith, build my blog step by step and hopefully, inspire many – you never know whose life you can change after all!

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