– Finally

After months of plotting this move, I am happy to announce that ‘A Learning a Day’ has taken the next step – to go live on it’s own domain.

My ‘IT Advisor’ friend (#ff :)) has been advising me to do this for ages to ensure better reach thanks to better Google indexing and what not. And I have only myself to blame for the delay.
But, we’re finally here. And thanks to inspiration from friends over at The Timecapture, A Learning a Day’s new facebook page is also up!
And finally, for all those bloggers contemplating a shift to their own domain, I must commend ‘Blogger/Blogspot’ for making it extremely simple to make the shift. While I was tempted to shift to WordPress, I stuck to Blogger for multiple reasons including ease of use and the fact that for simple blogging, I find Blogger more useful than WordPress. And Blogger further justified this praise with a 2 step process to transfer over to the new domain.
I realize now that this blog is now 942 days and 1688 posts old. That’s longer than I thought it would survive at any rate.

And that deserves a toast – to all of you who read, comment and encourage this blog as it is you who made this possible. Thank you!

0 thoughts on “ – Finally”

  1. Thank you Rohan, I found your blog by chance a couple of months ago. Now I look forward daily to read your insights and I must say they are truly inspirational and makes learning wonderful…cheers…vg

  2. @Swapna – Thanks Mom. :) @vg – Thank you! Your note made my day. We will hopefully get to know each other online in the days ahead and do let me know if there are little ways I can add value to you!

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