Checking in on your Bucket List

Once I watched the movie – Bucket List, I simply had to make one of my own. And guess what, it was loads of fun!
I did this as a part of my yearly review process at the start of the year and left it at that.
Having ticked a couple of these dreams thanks to visiting the desert and watching 2 football games, I thought it was time for an update.
The geek within couldn’t help put some numbers in it. And I ended up adding ‘Importance’
and ‘Years’ columns.
Importance moves from 3 (VERY important) to 1(Good to do)
Years basically indicates when I plan to tick them i.e. 20s, 30s etc
A sample small portion of the list is here..
And thus, the 50 point (at this stage) list developed. I had great fun figuring out which of these goals were really important and which weren’t and dreamt a bit as to how I could tick those boxes.
Also, I realized that this year has been a great year as I have ticked 4 items off the list! Writing a list makes a huge difference.
So, have you begun working on your Bucket List yet? :)

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