Feeds and subscriptions check – your help please

I think the move from Blogger to WordPress is nearly done. One downside to the move is that the feeds must have stopped working for all of you subscribed via Feedly and other such feed reading services. I realized this belatedly this morning and I see that my Feedburner subscriptions count has dropped rather drastically.

I have updated the feed settings and I’m hoping that would get a few of you back. For everyone reading this via feed/email, I would like to request your help – has your feed/email subscription transition been seamless or did you actively need to re-subscribe? Your answers would help me understand if there is anything else I should do to make this work.

Sorry I didn’t provide enough of a warning. That’s down to my inexperience. I’ve been working through these issues since the weekend when I had my friend help me with the set up and hosting side of the transfer (Thanks for saving 20 hours I’d have spent making this work, EB!). and while I think we have covered most of the bases (e.g. Disqus comments migration which were not easy), I think there might still be a few hanging threads.

While I am thrilled about the move, I’m kicking myself for not having switched feeds earlier. It’s always a bummer when you realize you’ve lost so many readers. I expected a bit of slippage thanks to the move but as this is a permanent move for the greater good, I hope it works out well in the long run. I feel bad that I didn’t didn’t take swift corrective action. I hope most of you will find your way back. I am very grateful for your readership, encouragement, and support.

0 thoughts on “Feeds and subscriptions check – your help please

  1. Your feed stopped for a while but they all came back couple days ago and I noticed that there were a flurry of new posts. I didn’t have to do anything. [I’m subscribed via feedly.]

  2. It seems to be all fine for me (using Feedly), although I havent checked it much those last couple days as I was very busy on a project. :)

  3. Everything seemed fine for me using feedly. The posts stopped for a while in between but they all came back in a flurry, did not have to resubscribe :)

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