6 years

Today is the 6th year anniversary of this blog. As I type out this 3087th post, I have a couple of thoughts to share for the day –

First, a thank you to Blogger. This blog spent a week short of six years on Blogger. It was a really nice experience as Blogger did offer a simple service for journalistic blogs. When I started blogging, WordPress was still an upcoming service while Blogger was much more established. I had big hopes for Blogger and what Google would do it. Unfortunately, most of that didn’t happen and I’m happy to have shifted to WordPress. The shift was a rather painful process and, while I do bear a few scars (like lost followers), I think it is for the greater good. WordPress do blogging very well. Well done Matt and team. Looking forward to staying here for a few decades.

Second, a thank you to Mom. I thought for a while about a mother’s day post. But I just couldn’t think of a suitable one. There are many great tributes out in the news and in the blogosphere today and I didn’t feel I could add much of value. My mom’s contribution to this blog is of particular significance as she was probably the only consistent reader in the first year. Her comments, emails, and notes kept this fledgling idea going. My mom has shown unwavering support for every one of my initiatives over the past few years and I think it is really thanks to that that I have been able to approach most of the inevitable failures of these ideas with a sense of optimism. In many ways, the “A Learning a Day” philosophy owes its origins to her. And I can only hope I can be half as good as a parent as she’s been.

Finally, a note of thanks to all of you. There have been 2 anniversaries this year – the 3000th post at the start of the year and the 6th year today. There isn’t going to be another one in a while and I hope that doesn’t mean I forget to say thank you to you for your encouraging support. My only request to you for the day would be – if you are wondering if you should comment on a post or reply to the feed email with your reflections/opposing point of view, please do. It is always lovely to hear from you. You make this blog a blog. It is a privilege to be writing for you and it is one I hope I do justice to.

Here’s to another year of initiative, failure, and learning..

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