The 3 steps to be of help

We occasionally find ourselves at professional or personal events where we’re amidst a bustle of activity. We know we could be of help but we’re not exactly sure how. if you ever find yourself waiting around wondering how you can be of help, I’ve found these 3 steps to be really  useful.

1. You have to want to help. It begins here. Ask yourself if you really want to be of help. If the answer is yes, you will generally find a way to be useful. Often, a happy, positive, and energetic presence is help in itself.

2.  Start with the simple stuff. If you’re still finding your feet in a new environment, start with the simple stuff like getting folks food and water. Soldiers are only given guns once they learn how to march. Asking how you can help never hurts.

3. Stay calm. Events tend to be busy and full of last minute problems – the decorations don’t show up or the audio system doesn’t work. Stay calm. Staying calm is a learned skill and is one you can teach yourself. While others run around like headless chickens, you can always be the one thinking carefully about what needs to be done and ensure your effort is productive.

None of these 3 steps is rocket science. I guess that is exactly the point. Don’t wander around wondering if you can be of help (and this applies beyond events). There’s always a lot to be done – just ask productive people how you can help and help.

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