You will have to do the work

Every time I’ve taken up a project where a shortcut looked possible, I’ve been severely disappointed. The easy route has never worked – no, not even once. We’ve always had to take the squiggly path with many steps forward and almost as many back. No one has stepped up and magically saved the day. There was no big lucky break that magically got us to the end.

Somebody has always had to do the work. If you cared, it was probably done by you.

So, before I get started on new projects these days. I ask myself – “Would you be happy doing all the work on this project if push comes to shove?” and “Am I surrounded by team members who would do the same?”

There is going to be no one else. And there are no free tickets.

0 thoughts on “You will have to do the work

  1. hi! I met a friend of yours ( I think) in the JFK airport: Deepika. She told me about your blog and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through everything. Thanks for writing about real things!

    1. Firstly, thanks to Deepika and then thanks to you for following up. :) I’m glad you enjoyed reading..

      Oh, and I cannot agree more on your thoughts. I tend to believe in a “karmic” view – it all balances out and we do sow what we reap (even if it isn’t evident in the short run).

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, Dorian. Hope to have you here often!

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