Whatsapp’s annoying notification screen

Ever since the latest Whatsapp update, I find myself having to close this screen nearly every time I open up the app. Notifications for most apps on my phone are turned off as I like checking them when I want to. This is just a massive annoyance.

A couple of thoughts on this –

1. Some Whatsapp Product Manager probably decided this might be the best way to make sure users always turn on notifications. Perhaps it is one of their key performance indicators. If this is the case, it strikes me as a shockingly short term move that will only ends up annoying users. I’ve been a big Whatsapp cheerleader on this blog before. This screen is killing that goodwill.

2. There’s one part of me that would just like to say – “Give us some credit, Whatsapp. How about thinking we users might actually know how to operate a phone?”

3. Then, there’s the other side that wonders if the Product Managers/Engineers at Whatsapp have lost touch with the user. Maybe they love the app so much that they can’t imagine a scenario where users may want no notifications on their phone?

4. Now, if users actually do need help with understanding how to switch on notifications, there is still middle ground. For example, they could design the app such that I have an option to stop the screen from showing up (like the “Don’t show this again” checkbox).

A nice learning for all of us who design product experiences for users. If you’re designing a “reminder” feature that will annoying your user into doing what you’d like them to do, stop. There’s always another way.


0 thoughts on “Whatsapp’s annoying notification screen

  1. True, slowly over time I have started disliking this app.

    If you look at their version history 2.11.11 they have acknowledged this issue, by mentioning in release note “Reduced the frequency of the ‘Turn on Notification alert'”. This means that even if they have looked over many angry user’s feedback, still overlooked it.

    Another issue is on iPhone 6 the text looks horrible, i mean its not optimized for the platform.

    Finally they should remember that iPhone users were the first paying customers, and still represents majority of users who pays the annual fee. Now as part of Fb, I think money isn’t an issue for them, but they shouldn’t deviate from user focus.

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