No ask, no get

The other day, my wife and I booked a ticket for the last show of The Avengers. We were, however, exhausted that evening. So, when it came time to leave for the movie, we realized we weren’t in any mood to sit through a movie.

As we were wrestling with the idea of trading in $20 for sleep, I decided to give Cinemark a call and explain the situation. After doing so, I asked them if they’d be willing to allow us to use the ticket for a different movie.

“Absolutely.” – the manager said. “Just come any time in the next few days.”

And so we did.

Who knew?

“No ask, no get” is an ingrained lesson now. But, I have to admit – the results of just asking what often seems to be an outlandish question still keeps surprising me.

PS: Thanks Cinemark! I’m sure it only applies when movies aren’t running full. But, they’ve acquired a new loyal customer.

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