The point of safety stock

For every post that shows up here, there’s at least 3 that are thrown away. Many of the ones that don’t make it are discarded in the mind. Some make it all the way to my “safety stock.” This is a page on my OneNote where I document post ideas. Most of those will never make it here. I still go through that list on days I don’t feel inspired to write about anything in particular. But, I don’t throw the ideas on my OneNote page away.

I’ve realized that the most important role of safety is precisely that – safety. Once you have safety locked in, it is possible to explore different avenues and dream. Without it, you’re just fighting for survival.

The best illustration of this idea is money. The first step in Dave Ramsey’s financial management program is to build an emergency fund and this is followed by building up savings to last you 6 months without pay.

It works great with time as well. If you’re always over capacity, you’ll never have time to be creative.

We all need safety stock. It enables us to do more than we realize.

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