The first rule about advice

Take it with a healthy pinch of salt.

Nobody (not even your mom, dad or spouse) has the context you have.

Nobody is free of biases. We all love our own thought processes and generally believe we are right.

Nobody has to live with a decision you make in the same way you have to.

Nobody cares as much as you do.

So, listen to people who matter and then forge your own path.

And, if it helps, there is no right answer. There may be a “general” right way. But, there’s no guarantee that it is the right way for you.

PS: If you find yourself sharing your perspective or giving advice, state your biases. It helps the person on the other end.

0 thoughts on “The first rule about advice”

  1. You see this a lot, particularly with parents — where kids expect better answers (for a whole host of reasons: know you better, care about you, etc.)

    The problem is something Michael Ellsberg shared with Ramit Sethi in an interview:

    “Our parents want safety for us, not excellence.”

    Most parents don’t want their kids to be an entrepreneur. They want them to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer.

    1. I like talking about framework vs. specific advice. A way to think about things is incredibly valuable in my opinion.

      So, framework > biased specific advice >> generic advice in my opinion.

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