I am enough

There is no end to the number of things people around us might want of us.

At any given moment, they could want us to be more patient, caring, confident, assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, analytical or entrepreneurial.

And, yes, we could get better at being some of those things too.

But, peace, happiness and real change come when we stop ourselves on this endless road and say – “I am enough.”

The difference between the ones who have a strong sense of love and belonging and ones who don’t is simply that the former believe they are worthy of love and belonging.

We can try to be many things. The changes that stay are those that are aligned with who we are. For that to happen, we must first be who we are.

And, that begins with saying – “I am enough.”

Hat tip – Brene Brown

0 thoughts on “I am enough”

  1. This is great Rohan. I’ve been thinking lately about how we can be centered in ourselves. Your post reminded me that I am not a person who wants a lot or asks for it, I tend to try to focus on opportunity and sometimes that means I forget to remind myself that all is good whether other people are on board or not.

    Wrote something complementary that you might enjoy as well:

  2. Hi Rohan. I agree with there sentence, however what with thing which I know that I need improve and want it which is in my comfort zone? In this case I have conflict

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