The perfect break

When I first began planning breaks/vacations, I used to attempt to control every part of the experience. It all needed to be perfect.

I realized pretty quickly that there is no such thing as a perfect break – at least not in the way I had defined it. Things inevitably went wrong and the conditions were never completely ideal. For example, I was informed of the failure of a then-important-project on vacation. Or, I was contemplating a worrying possibility on another.

But, the best part is that I don’t remember these things when I think of these breaks. They are a part of the narrative but hardly dominate. I didn’t have much control over these things, after all. And, you can only control what you can control. And, the best part? I do actually think of these breaks as “perfect.”

What, then, is perfection? Perfection, to me, is simply when we make the best of a situation given all the constraints.

So, before we attempt to make our next project “perfect,” lets ask ourselves what really matters and seek to control our input into those bits. Let the rest go and make the best of it.

Perfection is overrated because we view it as scarce. It isn’t. It is all around us. Every time we make the best of a situation or be the best version of ourselves, perfection appears. We just have to learn to see it and then appreciate it.

0 thoughts on “The perfect break”

  1. In April I visited Paris with my girlfriend. I never get sick. Well guess what? I got sick while in Paris. I was out of commission for 9 of the 16 days we were there. We even cancelled a 5 day excursion to Florence, Italy we had planned. But here’s the thing when I look back on that vacation I think fondly of walking through the Cathedral at Notre Dame, eating lunch at a corner bistro in the Monmarte, and loved watching the Eiffel Tower light up at night. Thanks for the “perfect” post Rohan.

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