Small and extraordinary

For many years, I feel like I consistently dreamt about the “big things.” The final event, the big presentation and the critical milestone. It was all about finishing with a flourish.

Now, I spend most of my time thinking about the small things  – the next meeting, the email update, the thank you note.

I’ve learnt that I care a lot more about doing the small things with extraordinary love.

And I find that, very often, they become the big things.

0 thoughts on “Small and extraordinary”

  1. I hear you with “doing small things with extraordinary love” and don’t need to be convinced on why that matters. Along side of that, I now know that there are folks who have an abiding need to do big things. They just have that in them. You seem like one of those folks to me. I think I might be one of those folks, too, and sometimes I can find myself so mired in doing small things with great love that it siphons off the tank of the big things I believe I’ve been put here to do. Gender contributes to that for sure but I recognize, at least for myself, that I have to put measures in place to protect my drive and my reserves to do big things, even if it means I have to miss a meeting.

  2. Reminds me of my current fave business/productivity/life book The ONE Thing. The whole concept is that great success comes by narrowing your focus and “going small.” By making sure that one’s spiritual life, physical health, personal life and key relationships are tended to. P.S. I’m a fan on handwriting thank you notes too. Thanks Rohan

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