Every societal disruption, by definition, changes the nature of the era. Thanks to social media and the internet, one of the defining characteristics of this age is the sheer amount of chatter.

Every little thing we do produces a lot of noise. A piece of news that used to be local is now global. That’s because publishing space is infinite and everything is connected. That, however, is just an amplification of what used to exist.

The biggest change is that we are all journalists and we are all news worthy. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like, our entire extended network knows of major life events and achievements. And, given the sudden increase in the number of newsworthy people (i.e. us), “news feeds” are thriving.

All of this is from the point of view of the consumer. As producers, however, what has changed is that little actions can create a lot of chatter. And, very little of this chatter really adds value.

Every once in a while, I find it helpful to stop and ask myself – what are you working to build? How much progress have you made?

It helps separate the signal from the noise.

0 thoughts on “Chatter”

  1. In me, you have an avid reader. This is my new addiction, reading alearningaday blog post :)

    I read it at 3am everyday when I wake up to feed my 9month old baby.

    Thank you for the learning and sharing!

  2. I see these as vital questions, Rohan, and I’m finding I need to keep coming back to them. I’ve started telling myself that I am, and must be, the curator of my own attention, that everything that grabs for my attention cannot be allowed to have it. The way something make the cut is when it supports what I’m trying to build and furthers my progress. I follow an artist’s blog, Keri Smith, who made the comment awhile back that so much of what pulls for our attention is little more than a “look at me” mandate from the producer. With the overwhelming amount of noise out there I’m finding I can no longer afford those mandates.

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