3 things I’ve learnt about the good life idea

1. We get to define what “good” is. Defining what is “good” is among the most important things we will do. And, to do this, we need to be accepting of our own quirks. For example, after a relaxed 24 hours or so, the rest of my weekend is filled with work. There is almost no way I will get through my task list but I am looking forward to giving it my best shot. That isn’t likely to be an ideal weekend for most people. But, as I listen to great music and type these words, I can feel my excitement at the thought of ploughing through my list. To each their own.

2. Spend time in environments which, and, with people who, energize you. Environments and people either give you good energy or bad energy. This is an incredibly simple idea – design your life in a way that maximizes good energy. Stop managing your time. Just manage your energy.. and time will take care of itself. And, needless to say, you are the average, in every sense (likely happiness, BMI, and even maturity) of the five people you spend most of the time with.

3. Do small things with extraordinary love and, then, thank the stars for the privilege. When you define what “good” is and design a life filled with good energy, you get to do small things with extraordinary love. That is an incredible privilege. Cue: say thank you – a lot. The more you feel gratitude, the more you will be happy.

Is this hard work? Absolutely.

But, there are few things better than giving ourselves the gift of a life that’s well lived.

0 thoughts on “3 things I’ve learnt about the good life idea”

  1. The delight you take in your work comes through so loud and clear and it’s one of the big draws to your blog, Rohan. I want to be around people who love their work. I love my work and it feels good to have that type of energy as a surround sound. I also like your idea of paying attention to the energy vs. time. Makes a whole lotta sense. Enjoy your weekend!

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