I make mistakes

I woke up this morning and found myself going through a highlight reel of some of the dumbest things I said in public in the past few months.

This is an occupational hazard when you put yourself out there and occasionally speak off-the-cuff.

For a moment, I felt a lot of empathy toward public figures who say something stupid and find it picked up and misinterpreted in every possible by media outlets everywhere. They probably don’t need a mental highlight reel as they’re likely constantly reminded of that moment of stupidity.

Of course, the other side of the story is that good stuff they say is also broadcast all over the world. If you put yourself out there enough, mistakes will pop up.

The challenge is not to avoid mistakes but to avoid the illusion of perfection when things are, momentarily, going your way.

The best way to learn from mistakes is to simply say – “I make mistakes.. and that’s okay.”

Change and betterment come with acceptance.

But, the biggest benefit of this approach is that we also learn to be truly empathetic and understanding.

It is only when we forgive ourselves can we truly learn to forgive others. That is the true beauty of making and embracing mistakes – they teach us to be human.

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