Clinical execution

A future self idea that inspires me is one where I’d associate myself with clinical execution.

Work gets done when you combine intensity, focus and time. I think time is not so much the issue – I am definitely prepared to put in the time and have been for many years. I have less of an issue with focus these days. A big part of that has been accepting my ADD/natural attention deficit nature and learning to be kind to myself when I find my attention drifting. It has also meant designing a life and a “getting-things-done” system that works well with this ADD.

The toughest nut to crack has been intensity. Intensity, as I define it, is choosing where to focus on. And, I think we can further divide this into making a decision and then executing on it. Over the years, through constant reinforcement and increased awareness about my priorities, I have found myself become better at making decisions that are aligned to my priorities.

However, it is in the execution where I face that demon – procrastination. For instance, I had a 2 hour window yesterday when I knew exactly what I needed to and, yet, managed to find ways to procrastinate. During periods when there is little time to waste, I find such wasted hours frustrating.

So, this is a reminder to myself to begin to focus on banishing procrastination. So, here’s to figuring out an approach to that.

And, maybe, just maybe, I will then be worthy enough to bestow the “clinical execution” adjective on myself. :-)

0 thoughts on “Clinical execution”

  1. I feel you times 100 on this one!

    I find that energy is my #1 contributor / detractor for intensity. I also found that my energy is very, very directly correlated with my fitness level & quality of food that I eat. It’s not a sexy fix, but that moved mountains for me.

    The other things that completely changes my intensity is my excitement for the future or the project (when I’m super excited about something, my ability to do everything skyrockets). I built myself a system to make sure that I have at least a couple of small and one big thing to look forward to all the time. That being said, that pales in comparison with waking up being 100% excited to do the work.

    I appreciate your honesty here. I know I’ve been there time and time again… I’m pretty sure that’s true about us all. :)

  2. I definitely struggle with this, and I suspect most entrepreneur minded people do as well. Sort of to Rebecca’s point, I find it helpful to always have creative projects present.

    Often, I’ll simply not be able to get started or find myself at a standstill on something, and being able to hop over to another project helps. Ideally those projects or ideas are aligned in some way or have a common thread with my core work, but even if they don’t I find that simply being curious and/or stimulating some creativity usually helps me break the impasse.

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