Good enough – The 200 words project

Psychologist Barry Schwartz has a simple piece of advice – “If you ever aren’t sure if you attended the very best party or bought the very best computer, just settle for ‘good enough’.”

People who do this are called “satisficers,” and they’re consistently happier, he’s found, than are “maximizers,” people who feel that they must choose the very best possible option. Maximizers earn more, Schwartz has found, but they’re also less satisfied with their jobs. In fact, they’re more likely to be clinically depressed in general.

The reason this happens, as Schwartz explained in a paper with his Swarthmore colleague Andrew Ward, is that as life circumstances improve, comparisons become commonplace and expectations rise => people may live better, but they won’t feel better about how they live.

So, pick a few things in life that you want to maximize. For everything else, go for good enough. Good enough, as Schwartz says, is almost always good enough.

It can be hard, in our culture, to force yourself to settle for “good enough.” But when it comes to happiness and satisfaction, “good enough” isn’t just good—it’s perfect. – Olga Khazan

Source and thanks to: Olga Khazan in the Atlantic

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  1. And as the great PBS philospher Cookie Monster once said “C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me…”

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