Walking meetings

Instead of catching up over coffee, I’ve been insisting on walking meetings these past months. I’ve noticed 3 interesting things about walking meetings.

First, there is no chance of distraction. People rarely dig out the phone or check messages when you are out on a brisk walk.

Second, LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner had shared that he found walking meetings to result in more forthright discussion as he felt facing each other put more pressure on people. I think that’s right. I think there’s also less pressure to fill every minute with chatter – that’s important too.

Finally, I’ve found myself feeling regularly thankful for beautiful outdoors and fresh air. And, nothing like a bit of gratitude to remind me that life is good.

0 thoughts on “Walking meetings”

  1. Super idea and learning. But implementing in a school scenario and that too in our roads.. hmmm it wont happen.. But I can use it after school hours to catch up with students.

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