Teaching without teaching

As I reflect on people I’ve learnt a tremendous amount from, I realize that the common thread is that they’ve taught me an incredible amount… without ever intending to teach me anything.

A dear friend and I have a phrase we use from time to time when we talk about the people dear to us and find ourselves hoping that they’ll just continue to be be their authentic selves. We say – “you do you!”

In that spirit, these teachers/”framily” have lived “you do you.” They just did their thing and, in the process, taught me more than I realize or give credit for.

I guess great lessons can be taught without ever seeking to teach.

0 thoughts on “Teaching without teaching”

  1. I agree! Some the most “transformed” people I’ve met have never taken a course or a seminar, in simply being themselves have revealed some of the deepest truths about life.

  2. Rohan, Thanks for the great post. I find the desire of my life and actions is to encourage and speak truth into others lives, without speaking or teaching. Well done, you get to receive a “gold star” on your folder today…

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