What confidence is and where it comes from

Confidence is not knowing that things will be fantastic the moment you put in effort. Instead, confidence is accepting that things might inevitably go wrong even after you put in your best efforts and knowing that you will cope with it just fine.

So, where does this come from? I think it comes from committing to be a student of life, for life. Once you commit to being a student, you commit to viewing every situation you encounter as a learning. You understand that there would be no learning without experiments and that there would be no experiments without failures. You also choose to keep away the arrogance and stagnation that come with successes because they kill curiosity – the trait that makes a student. Armed with consistent curiosity, you ask questions to understand and relentlessly attempt to understand how things, including life, work.  And, part of being relentless is putting away all desire to create an image or “position” yourself in a certain way to the world.

After all, all you’re trying to do is to learn – that means cutting through the noise and doing whats necessary to further your learning journey. When you do that, you realize that the only way to do that is by simply being comfortable with yourself and your learning style. And that, in turn, requires you to believe that “you are enough.”

And, you are. You are a worthy student of life. That’s why you are here.

Now, let’s get on with it – with confidence.

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