Doing it wrong, relentlessly

Every once a while, I am reminded of  a post from Seth Godin in 2012 – “Doing it wrong, relentlessly.”

Doing it wrong, relentlessly

According to this post by Neil Patel, I blog incorrectly–missing on at least 7 of his twelve rules.

On purpose.

I’m not writing to maximize my SEO or conversion or even my readership. I’m writing to do justice to the things I notice, to the ideas in my head and to the people who choose to read my work.

The interesting lesson: One way to work the system is to work the system. The other way is to refuse to work it.

I remember wading into the comments of the original post and had many thanking Neil for the great advice. After all, as a couple of the comments pointed out – “that’s easy for Seth to say. He has a blog with a few hundred thousand followers after all.”

I’ve reflected on this post a few times. Among the things it has taught me, two stand out.

First, we need to understand what we’re optimizing for. A few years back, I experimented spending a bit more effort publicizing these posts and carefully looking at my page views and analytics. These efforts barely lasted a week. Every aspect of my being seemed to reject it. I learned quickly that I wasn’t interested in optimizing those things. Now, of course, the results would be great to have. :-) I would, of course, love it if these notes resonated with many more people. But, I wasn’t ready to try and maximize it by investing time into self promotion. It just wasn’t/isn’t me. Besides, time is scarce and I’d rather spend the extra time making sure my post for the day is clear and concise.

Second, there is a huge market for easy-to-implement advice. Easy-to-implement advice often assumes certain things about what you are trying to do. Seth’s blog is not remarkable because he writes a certain way or keeps his posts to a certain length. It is remarkable because he’s written, and shared, every single day for more than two decades. That isn’t easy advice as a receiver. It is much easier to be happy with advice that says there are just 12 things you need to do every time you post.

But, as I’ve come to realize, good things are always hidden among the hard things.

what comes easy won't last long and what lasts long won't come easy, blogging, doing it wrong

0 thoughts on “Doing it wrong, relentlessly”

  1. This is a great reminder, thanks. One of the ideas you shared a while ago was “I write to change myself’, for me that is the main driver today for writing as often as I can, just for myself. With time other goals will be at hand. Abrazo.

  2. Here’s why I really dig your blog Rohan. Guys like you and Seth are true Thought Leaders you are sharing your thoughts, not trying to optimize, you’re instigating. The majority of blog posts are marketing tools, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Even the “Thought Leaders” hire people to write posts that optimize their sales funnels. IMHO what you do is simply share your thoughts with us and for that I say “Thank you.”

    1. Ah. Very kind of you. And, I thank you too – for you’ve been taking the time to share a thought every day here too!

      Seth is in a completely different league though.. haha.

      1. In time grasshopper, in time…. LOL!

        Thanks for writing a blog that inspires me to comment regularly. I’m building a muscle, working up to blogging myself. So again “Thanks Rohan!”

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