Reading books and studying books

When you read books, you read them primarily to pass time. Sure, a non-fiction book is a more constructive way of passing time. However, the primary motive is still one of leisure. There is a good chance you’ll glean some insight out of reading an interesting book. But, you can glean insight out of a soccer game, too, if you put your mind to it.

When you study books, you read them to learn. And, reading them to learn is a process that generally looks something like this – read, take notes, think about it, synthesize and share.

Too many people pick up awesome non-fiction books, read them and find themselves disappointed as they didn’t walk away with the insight they expected. Study them, however, and you’ll find a new world opening up in front of you.

Someone once said – “Somewhere out there is a book that will completely change your life. Who knows? It might be your next one.”

My only addition to that quote would be – for it to have a shot at changing your life, don’t just read it… study it.

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0 thoughts on “Reading books and studying books”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Any tricks that have worked for you to retain learnings from these books? I seem to forget very quickly all the awesome insights I have gathered

    1. Thanks for the question, Harsh!

      My process is –
      1. I tend to listen to most of my non fiction book.. and buy the really heavy ones.
      2. For most books, for every 15 mins I listen, I spend 5 mins writing down a summary of what I remember, learn. I share these summaries on my tumblr/book review blog (
      3. I then take stories and share via my 200 words project.. and, of course, talk to anyone who will listen.. haha.
      4. And, if there’s anything actionable, I share it here/test it out, etc.

      All of this definitely helps me retain stuff..

      Does this provide more clarity?

  2. I’m a recent convert to Audible and use the bookmarking function heavily. If I’m reading a “heavy” book I will also purchase a hard copy to write in, highlight, dog ear etc… And if I find the book to a “game-changer” I’ll read it again and again. I’m going to take on the writing insights down (HT) and possibly share a la A Learning a Day! Thanks Rohan!

  3. Hi Rohan,
    Today I finished reading decisive which was recommend by in one of your blogs… It’s a really good book. Looking forward to more such recommendation from you.
    Thanks for sharing :)


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