Simple traditions

During a visit home 2 years back, my mom and I started a simple tradition – we go for a walk to a park nearby (pic below) every evening I am at home. This is, of course, great for conversation as well as for our health. But, the biggest benefit is that it is now “our thing.”

traditions, simple

Simple traditions such as this evening walk have a way of becoming special over time. I have a long list of these over the years – McDonalds breakfast at 4am after hanging out on Saturday night, lunches at a particular restaurant with a certain friend, catch up on Friday afternoons at a particular spot – that remain very close to my heart.

I look to create these traditions from time to time. As with most of my experiments, many don’t work. :-) But, some do.. and these end up becoming very memorable.

0 thoughts on “Simple traditions”

  1. AnnaNagar Tower Park!!! Hi-Fi!!! I have been reading your blog for a year now and I dint know you were from Chennai.

    I live in one of the lanes adjacent to the Tower Park.

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