Specific compliments

There’s a lot of focus on giving specific constructive feedback. Radical candor, etc., etc.

I believe there needs to be as much of emphasis on giving specific compliments. Don’t just say – “you did well” – help people understand what they did that resulted in the compliment.

A specific compliment is powerful because it can help point to a strength that the doer didn’t know of. For all our focus on eliminating weaknesses, weaknesses only avoid trouble.

It is our strengths that help us do work that matters.

0 thoughts on “Specific compliments”

  1. Great reminder! Over the past year my role at work has evolved into a training position, which has been a great fit for me but also a challenge.
    I’ve been trying to be more complimentary lately as I’ve been working with employees. A good compliment goes a long way and, as a trainer, I’ve also found it aids in their retention of material.
    The other piece I’ve been focusing on is to ‘criticize the action, not the person’. It can be tough to tell a trainee they’re doing something wrong, and words are powerful.

    Good post as always!

    1. I wonder why this comment didn’t show up on my email. Thanks for writing in, Emily.

      Completely agree on the objectivity. One of the nice ones I heard – judge the performance, not the performer. :)

      Glad it resonated.

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