Phone out of the bedroom

There’s a benefit to reflection that isn’t apparent when you get started. That’s because it takes time for thoughts to percolate and crystallize into insight and then action.

As I reflected on my use of devices a few days ago, an idea that stuck was that I was very aware of the fact that rolling over to my phone and checking messenger notifications and emails first thing in the morning was a very negative habit. And, yet, I regularly went through phases when I did it. As I rolled over to do it a few days back, I asked myself why this was so difficult.

The analogy that popped to mind was one about eating healthy. The way to eat healthy is not to surround yourself with unhealthy food and test your willpower. Instead, it is to throw all unhealthy food out and only keep healthy food at home. Music piracy in the US became a non issue the moment it became easy to download songs via services like iTunes. Convenience matters.

So, why not keep my phone out of the bed room? I felt that slightly panicked reaction – “How will I wake up without an alarm?”

And, thus, I finally understood why I was so used to keep my phone by my side. This reason had gotten lost over time. Fast forward 3 days, I keep my phone outside our bed room as of 8pm and use my iPad to set an alarm. My iPad is primarily a FaceTime + media consumption device. So, checking stuff first thing in the morning is a non issue.

It has felt wonderful.

Rohan 1, Negative energy device habits 0.

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0 thoughts on “Phone out of the bedroom”

  1. Oh my goodness… I know exactly what you mean. It’s what I do everyday and I am very aware of what a terrible habit it is. I thought about leaving my phone outside too – but other than alarms, I’m a little scared that someone will call someday for something important ( I live away from my parents) and I won’t be able to attend/help because my phone lying outside somewhere!

    Love reading your blog btw. Keep going!

    1. Actually, the iPad helps with that in my case as I get calls simultaneously on my iPad (thanks to how iOS is set up).

      Glad to hear these notes are resonating. :)

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