Feeling bad because of something you said

I had a moment yesterday when I felt bad about something I said in passing. It stayed at the back of my mind for thirty minutes after the conversation.

The interesting thing was that one part of my brain was naturally finding ways to avoid the situation. For example, a couple of ideas it threw were to ask questions about a different topic we hadn’t spoken via text about to divert attention to something else.

After realizing this wasn’t going away, I decided to pick up my phone and text – except I expressed exactly what I was feeling and said I was feeling bad about that moment and wished I hadn’t said it.

The best part about doing the right thing is that you know it is the right thing the moment you’ve done it, regardless of the response. I felt lighter and better after that. I heard back later as well – all was good and we laughed it off.

I am a big fan of being direct. This was a nice reminder of its power – when you feel bad about something you said, just talk about it. So much of living life well is simple. The onus is on us to not complicate it.

feeling bad

0 thoughts on “Feeling bad because of something you said”

  1. Been there… done that.

    It’s an interesting dynamic. Most of the time confessing/apologizing is selfish in way because you’re doing it more because it will make you feel lighter vs. (necessarily) make the person you said it feel better. It my experience, most often, they didn’t even notice.

    This actually happened to me last Spring and the person responded, “Thank you for apologizing; however, please know that I never thought about it again after that moment. It was so insignificant. That said, the fact that you’ve apologized does show high emotional IQ.”

    I thought it was an interesting response. It’s stuck with me.

    1. So true. Happened in this situation too – definitely wasn’t noticed. Haha
      I guess it is important we feel lighter. Else it’ll show in our next interaction.

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