5 small tweaks aiding intensity

1. Mobile – collapsing apps I don’t want to be checking into a group on my second screen. This increased intensity has reduced my propensity to check. Aside from the fact that it involves more work to check these app, I find myself asking – “Do you really need to do this?” – as I consider doing this.

2. Browser – Collapsing bookmarks into groups. I used to have all my useful bookmarks laid out. This is similar to surrounding yourself by all sorts of unhealthy food while attempting to diet. Collapsing them into folders means they’re no longer in view.

3. Browser – Collapsing the bookmark bar altogether. Why stop at creating folders when I can collapse the bar altogether? Chrome has a nice bookmarks bar usage flow. Once you collapse it, you don’t see it in a working tab but, once you open a new tab, you see it again. Perfect.

4. Laptop – Removing outlook from task bar and shutting all sorts of notifications. I’ve removed email from my task bar as of a few months and have it closed when I’m not clearing email. However, I think I’ve become more aggressive with regards to notifications. While I shut out all notifications on my laptop, since December break, I’ve made sure all notifications except a text or call (both of which are rare) are off.

5. Mobile/laptop – Switching off Wifi on my phone often. Whenever I set out to focus intensely of late, I switch off Wifi on my phone and put it away (often in another room). I’ve begun doing this on occasion on my laptop as well.

Small tweaks => Big impact.

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