Invite the rub

We like to imagine relationships that are friction-less and, hence, have zero rub.

The rub is annoying – it is uncomfortable because it signals differing perspectives and, in some cases, differing values.

But, here’s the problem – relationships without differing perspectives and a few differing values teach us absolutely nothing. We don’t get pushed. We don’t need to reflect. We don’t grow.

You might ask – why do relationships need growth? Don’t we just need happiness?

That’s a good question. But, the deal works this way – speaking of love and growth or happiness and growth are effectively speaking of the same thing. Without growth, there is no love or happiness.

So, when you experience the rub in a relationship, welcome it. Too much, of course, is generally best avoided. However, too little is too.

After all, nothing would move if it wasn’t friction.

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