The next game

Reputations are useful till you enter the field to play the next game.

But, they don’t count for much once you begin playing that next game. The moment you choose to play, you choose to do the hard work of continuing to to do the hard work of building your own character and, thus, managing and building that reputation.

When you are in the game, there is no such thing as resting on past laurels. Yes, it helps if you’ve had a great run in the last few – but, only up to a point. You are only as good as your next game.

And, what got you here won’t get you there.

the next gameImage Source

4 thoughts on “The next game”

  1. Be bold enough to do something that you might suck at, where nobody trusts your ability, where you have to start from scratch. Then hold on to that feeling of being a newbie and use it to be kind to beginners in the zone where you are the expert.

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