No excuse workout

Health and fitness is an area of focus under my broader theme for engagement this year. And, one of my goals here was to get a small workout in every day. This has become very relevant post becoming a parent as I’ve found it much harder to find blocks of time.

So, my “no excuse” work out is a work out that can be done anywhere within 10 minutes. There are 4 exercises, repeated 3 times –
1. 10 x Sit ups
2. 10 x lunges (x 2 legs)
3. 10 x push ups
4. 20 x cross body crunches

The workout is definitely legs heavy. So, over time, I might swap in a couple of other exercises that need no equipment.

But, it has been a game changer as it is. Even on days when I feel exhausted and lethargic, I remind myself that I can do this in 10 minutes and it gives me a 0.5 on my exercise score for the week (I have a target of 6). And, I’m beginning to enjoy it.

It isn’t easy to change behavior. So, it helps to experiment with a combination of alternative structures and incentives to ease the process and create our own “no excuse” habit.

6 thoughts on “No excuse workout”

  1. Indeed Rohan. I have been working out for the past 5-6 years and professional powerlifting for about a year or so. Working out teaches you a lot of things in different areas apart from just fitness: Discipline, Mental Focus, Time Management and more importantly learning to respect things many don’t. Just sharing my insights.

  2. The list of body-weight exercises and variants is almost endless.There are lots of great variations within the basics like Push-Ups and Squats that can be introduced to keep this fresh or ratchet up difficulty over-time. I have found this type of training to be much easier on my body than using weights which can over-pressure single joints.

    The only set of muscles that I find difficult to work without any equipment is “Back and Biceps” or “Pulling” muscles. These are hard to engage without something to pull, but a simple dumbbell, elastic band, TRX straps, or chin-up bar can easily solve this – so almost no equipment required, and what you do need can easily fit in a backpack or suitcase.

    Here are a couple of ideas to look into when you’re ready, a quick google search should yield instructional videos! :-)

    Chest/Triceps (Pressing):
    Push-Up with Rotation
    Push-Up with Forward Reach
    Clapping Push-Up
    Triangle Push-Up
    Archer Push-Up
    Spiderman Push-Up
    One-Leg Push-Up

    Pistol Squat
    Split Squat/Bulgarian Split Squat
    Plyo/Jumping Squat
    Skater Squats
    Forward Lunge
    Reverse Lunge
    Lateral Lunge

    Core (really important for office workers!!!):
    Plank with Leg Raise
    Two Point Plank
    Up Down Plank
    Side Plank w/ Twist
    “Bird Dog”
    Leg Raise (Lying Leg Raise)

    Back/Biceps (Pulling)
    Don’t forget to incorporate some back/biceps pulling works with rowing variations! A strong back is important to prevent becoming too “chest dominant,” which can draw your shoulders forward/together and lead to neck pain especially for people who spend lots of time on computers!

  3. This is a very good workout Rohan. The good thing about it being “leg heavy” is that you are engaging larger muscle groups so the afterburn effects are longer. Good for you!

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